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An Overview Of The Different Kinds Of Cross Stitch Kits

Cross stitching is a great method to exercise your creativity and produce fantastic designs. There are several types of cross stitch sets depending on the approach of sewing. These already come with everything you need to get stitching such as needles, DMC embroidery threads,  and the like.

In this post, we go over the different kinds of cross stitch kits so that you can pick what suits you best.  These are counted sets, stamped, embellished and no-count kits.

Counted Kits

The counted cross stitch kit includes a chart or pattern of the design you are going to sew, and you have to calculate the squares in your cloth or material to match those in the chart. It is rather easy to do this stitching particularly if you like a specific style and you wish to reproduce it correctly on your fabric, although it can be troublesome if you lose count and sew in the wrong square. This kit is ideal for beginners since you have to follow directions to master the craft before you can make your very own designs.

Stamped Kits

The 2nd kind of cross stitch kits in Australia is what we call a stamped kit. To work on this kit, you do not need any chart because the design is printed directly on the fabric. All you need to do is to stitch the fabric inning accordance with the colours printed on it. Nevertheless easy this may sound, you may have a bit of problem getting the ideal colours if they are a shade or 2 just like each other. Attempt stamp sets that have a simple design which will decrease the possibilities of error and accustom you to the colour distinction.

Embellished Packages

If you desire a faster stitching project, the embellished stitching kit is precisely what you require. The latter is keen to stamped kits because the style is printed on the fabric, however with decorated, the parts you stitch om are the ornamental bits of the design. You need not sew the whole plan, however, concentrate on the labelled parts on the printed fabric. Completing an embellished style of fasts, yet not always easy. Some methods in adorned packages might need you to cross-stitch at a particular angle which might make it more difficult to match up the decorated part with the remainder of the design.

No-count Sets

Lastly, the no-count kit comes with a chart for the colours to stitch. However, the outline of the figure or design is precisely what is already printed on the fabric. It is much easier compared to the counted kit since you are not strictly following the squares on the style, but on the downside, if the summary crosses the middle of a square, it ends up being a little difficult to decide which colour goes where.

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